Editor's Note: Due to the overwhelming interest in International Observe the Moon Night, our registration system experienced an outage from 19:00 UTC Oct. 20 until 10:00 UTC Oct. 21. If you registered your event during that time period and did not receive a confirmation email, please register again so that we can include you on the map of lunar observers worldwide and send a pre-release image from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera.

Whether you plan to host an event or observe the Moon on your own, we want to hear about it! As an event host, by registering, you will promote your event, gain access to the most up-to-date event materials, and become an official part of International Observe the Moon Night. As a participant, you will get the latest lunar news and connect with a global community of lunar observers. Plus, all registrants will receive an exclusive digital image of the Moon from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter that has never been released to the public.


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