Published: September 29, 2019

Step 1: Determine the goal(s) of your evaluation (what do you want to achieve or know?)

What is/are the goal(s) of evaluating your International Observe the Moon Night event?

Possible Examples:

  • Bringing in more visitors to your site
  • Bring local visitors for event
  • Raising awareness for the space education
  • Raising awareness of your group or venue
  • Bringing in new visitors to site
  • Bringing in visitors that live far away from site
  • Increasing awareness about Moon/ space
  • Increasing interest in space science
  • Increasing visitors’ knowledge about the Moon
  • Understanding the types of visitors who attend the event
    • If Yes: data collection methods can include using iPad/tablet, computer stations, paper survey, and short exit interviews – all of these can include multiple choice and short open-ended questions.
    • If No: data collection methods can include using sticker boards, questionnaires at the ticket booth, question boards, silent voting, iPad stations, and clickers voting during presentations – most of these can include multiple choice questions and some can include short open-ended questions.

Step 2: Will there be a person designated to collecting data during the event?

  • In addition to using the 2023 Event Attendee/Lunar Observer Feedback Survey, you may wish to collect feedback that is specific to your event.
  • If you would like to do collection other than surveys, you may try “voting” questions on boards or through clickers. These could include simple questions such as: “Did you learn something new about the Moon tonight?” or “Is this your first time here?” You can also put up posters to ask for information that could include questions such as: “What would you tell a friend about tonight?” or “What can be do to improve the event for next time?”
  • If you are relying on questions being asked at a ticket booth, they can be a simple as asking for visitors’ zip code and if this is their first time there.

Step 3: Aligning questions to ask with what you want to know and how you plan to gather data to implement data collection.

There are lots of options to evaluate your event. We welcome you to contact us to discuss it further at no cost to you. We look forward to supporting evaluation of your International Observe the Moon Night event!

Sanlyn Buxner and Maya Bakerman

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