Photo credits, clockwise from upper left: Todd Diemer/Unsplash, Amorpha Youth Group, Xialong Wong/Unsplash, NASA, Jim Hendrickson, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Amorpha Youth Group, Amorpha Youth Group.

2020 Moon Maps

Our Northern and Southern Hemisphere Moon Maps highlight lunar maria ("seas" of cooled lava), human landing sites, and telescopic treats to explore on International Observe the Moon Night.

Join the conversation on social media using #ObserveTheMoon, and explore lunar views and art from around the world. Image: gallery of photos from the International Observe the Moon Night 2020 Flickr group.

Event Planning Webinar

Save the Date card for International Observe the Moon Night on September 26th, 2020

Learn how you can host an International Observe the Moon Night event in this NASA Night Sky Network webinar recording.

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